Fire Prevention Week

Not every hero wears a cape.

Fire prevention week is October 6th through the 12th this year. The theme this year is “Not every hero wears a cape”. You can find alot of valuable information on the NFPA Fire Prevention web page and for kids you can go to Sparky’s page for games, videos, and other activities. Sparky has a link for parents and educators for even more information and things to do. On October 21st, the Tamaqua Fire Department will be at the schools in Tamaqua for our annual school programs.

Although Fire Prevention week is slated for only one week, we ask that you practice fire safety throughout the year. Practice your escape plan with your family, where will you meet when you exit the house, plan 2 ways out. Check your smoke detectors regularly and replace them when indicated. At least one working smoke detector for each level if your house. Do not remove the batteries, replace them. Check your carbon monoxide detectors, also known as CO detectors, for their expiration date. Make sure you have your chimney cleaned regularly, as well as your coal or oil furnace.

Did you know that the Fire Prevention Week commemorates the Great Chicago Fire? Click HERE for more information.

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